Cane Payment

The CanePay package provides a total solution that enables mills to quickly and easily pay each grower for their sugar cane.

CanePay Brochure

Canepay Cash

Canepay Harvester

The system is designed not only to meet the stringent requirements of the Australian industry, but is extremely flexible and can be configured to operate in a minimal form. It can handle complex relative payment schemes, or use a simple quality based system, making our system one of the most versatile on the market.

Canepay Sugar Mountain


  • Supports relative payment scheme to compensate for rotational harvesting
  • Support for multiple pool pricing structure and contract price
  • Electronic transfer for banking
  • Liens, allowances and deductions handled in separate code table
  • Extensive range of reports for accounting, grower information and maintenance
  • Harvester and Carter payment modules
  • High level of security
  • Five payment types
Canepay Report

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