Cane Receivals Factory Overview

Rail Transport

Rail Mimic
A new user interface has been developed for the Cane Receivals system, to illustrate all stages of the delivery cycle of the cane from the field to the factory. This is a fully interactive mimic that allows users to track rail deliveries as they are harvested in the field, arriving in the mill yard and through the processing stages. Authorised users have access to each of these stages, and can manipulte the consignment data when required.
An integral component of this overview mimic is to capture the stock levels of harvested cane in the field, waiting to be transported to the factory. In order to collect this consignment data as it is being harvested, a fully functional Telemetry system has been deployed. The system has been trialled for the past two seasons and refined during this period. The field devices deployed for this function are Android tablets, running the Mirrabooka TeleCane purpose-built cane consignment app. These devices were rolled out to more than 20 harvesting groups, which resulted in more than 80% of the crop being consigned remotely as it was harvested.

Road Transport

Road Mimic
Towards the end of the 2015 season, a version of the factory overview mimic was developed for road transport sites. This interactive graphical display illustrates the full receivals cycle of cane from the field to the mill, for factories using road transport. The methods used to move cane from the field to the factory and the logistics employed to achieve this are significantly different between the two transport systems. Consequently, this meant that a unique graphical display to illustrate and manage this movement needed to be developed for the specific transport type. This mimic essentially provides all of the features and functionality of the rail counterpart display.